Naturopathy & Functional Medicine in London

Helping committed wellness seekers transform their mood, energy & hormonal health using our Vitamorphic Method ®, combining cutting-edge science and natural medicine.

Carolina Brooks with medicinal herbal plants

Naturopathy & Functional Medicine in London

Helping committed wellness seekers transform their mood, energy & hormonal health using our Vitamorphic Method ®, combining cutting-edge science and natural medicine.

Anthrobotanica offers a unique blend of Naturopathy with a Functional Medicine approach. I conduct sessions from my clinic in London both in person and remotely for international and national patients. I also compound and dispense herbal prescriptions from my onsite apothecary in Camden.


In Greek, vita means life, and morphic means transformation. The Vitamorphic Method ® is about enabling transformation in people’s lives, through innovation, openness to new approaches, through engagement with health, lifestyle and diet, and through the sheer efficacy of targeted holistic treatment.

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Naturopathic medicine, Herbal medicine, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, ear acunpuncture and more.


Carolina is the only certified functional medicine practitioner in the world with her skillset.


Tailored nutrition strategies based on clinical efficacy using dietary recommendations, meal plans and nutraceuticals.


Evidence-based and traditional bespoke herbal medicine products from our dispensary.


Endobiogenic medicine identifies drivers and imbalances within the neuroendocrine system.


Carolina is an NLP, coaching, hypnotherapy, addiction, mental health, disordered eating & trauma practitioner.

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Optimising Performance

Cognitive and physical function, biohacking approaches, anti-ageing strategies, body composition, epigenetics and cutting-edge functional testing.

Digestive Health

Issues such as bloating, IBS, IBD, acid reflux, diarrhoea, constipation, food sensitivities and intolerances. We use relevant functional testing where appropriate. Functional Medicine can help you.

Smart Eating & Practical Nutrition Support

Healthy eating, meal ideas, shopping support & detoxing your kitchen.

Weight Loss & Emotional Eating

Healthy weight loss, breaking bad habits, weight and blood sugar management & detoxification. We use NLP, hypnotherapy and coaching tools. Metabolic reset programme where appropriate.

Joint & Muscle Pain

Joint & Muscle Pain Joint and muscle aches, pain, scarring and inflammation. Musculoskeletal disorders.

Mental Health & Cognitive Dysfunction

support for mood disorders, titrating people safely off psychiatric medications, neurotransmitter assessment, cognitive dysfunction, Bredesen protocol for dementia, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive decline disorders including cognoscopy and neuro assessments.

Cardiovascular Health

Support for cardiovascular disease and prevention with dietary changes, nutraceuticals and herbal medicine. We use advanced cardiac testing in our practice.

Women's Health

Female hormonal imbalance, reproductive issues, PMS, pregnancy, pre-conception planning, post-partum care and paediatric health, menopause and herbal support for hormonal dysfunction. Sports performance and optimising performance at work.

Men's Health

Including prostate, urinary, infertility and libido problems. Sports performance and optimising performance at work.

Managing Stress & Energy Levels Better

Stress management, sleeping problems, low energy & fatigue, addictions, anxiety, low mood, poor concentration and foggy memory, optimising performance at work and improving resilience.

Chronic Disease Support & Prevention

Diabetes, blood sugar management, cancer & cardiovascular health, Lyme and co-infections, mycotoxins.

Skin Health

Acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, persistent yeast infections, vitiligo and other skin conditions. We can do skin swab testing in our practice. Natural skincare recommendations.

Natural Therapies to Support Cancer

Addressing and mitigating symptoms and harmful side-effects of cancer and its conventional treatment, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy & surgery. We use advanced testing such as Maintrac to assess efficacy of natural and conventional therapeutic strategies. We also advise on timings and relevant compounds for blocking metabolic pathways (for those who have read Jane McLelland's work).

Finding A Healthy Immune Response

Dysfunctional immune regulation including recurring colds, outbreaks, cold sores and auto-immune conditions such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, autoimmune thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis). Allergies and atopic conditions including asthma, hay fever, eczema and psoriasis.

Sports Nutrition

How to eat for the kind of exercise that you are doing & your body type. Nutraceuticals and herbal medicine to optimise performance and recovery. Regular segmental bioelectrical impedance tracking to monitor progress for in-person visits.

Achieving Your True Health Potential

Health optimisation strategies and prevention of chronic disease for those who are two steps ahead! This includes relevant testing, dietary tweaks, key nutraceuticals and supportive herbs.

Addiction, Disordered Eating and Compulsive Behaviours

Nutrition optimisation and phytotherapeutic support for addiction, disordered eating and compulsive behaviours. NADA protocol Acudetox ear acupuncture relevant functional testing. NLP, hypnotherapy and coaching.


Endobiogenic strategies for specific health issues, prevention of chronic disease and health optimisation, Biology of Functions testing and relevant endobiogenic herbal preparations.

Complex Chronic Disease Support

Naturopathic support for chronic and unresolved health concerns.

What I Do

As an expert naturopath, nutritionist, master herbalist and certified functional medicine practitioner, I aim to educate, support, and empower my clients to take responsibility for their own health, and help equip them to deal with the demands of the modern world. Did you know that over 80% of your immune system is in your gut? Or that immune system dysregulation or anaemia can stop you from losing weight? Or that getting into remission from an autoimmune disease may be prevented by cross-reactions to specific foods, chemicals or pathogens?  Or that depression, dementia, anxiety or ADHD symptoms can often be significantly improved or corrected with nutrition and herbal medicine?

I quit the City and started Anthrobotanica to provide tailored naturopathy services in London using my proprietary Vitamorphic Method®  that incorporated science-based nutritional therapy, endobiogeny, functional medicine and testing, herbal medicine (incorporating Western eclectic, traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic & Endobiogenic medicine systems), genetics, modern psychotherapy, health education and consulting. Why? Because it works.

I have a background in finance and consulting, and continue to work internationally, so a huge element of my expertise is my biohacking approach towards prevention of chronic and complex disease, supporting those undergoing serious health concerns, and optimising stress management and mental health. I work with high profile clients in the entertainment industry and am sought after by those working in a high-stress environment. Most of the patients who come to Anthrobotanica have been to see many other practitioners and not achieved much success before they start working with me. My extremely comprehensive and integrative approach attracts committed wellness seekers who value their health and are ready to make positive changes to get to the root cause of their health problems.

I work mostly by referral so work closely with ultra-high-net-worth individuals, I end up seeing entire families or groups of friends, and seeing people through important life stages, such as pregnancy.  I run both successful in-person and online clinics, and works mostly on a 1 to 1 programme basis with patients in London, across the UK, USA and the rest of the world.

I also consult clinics, start-ups and small businesses, design and run educational courses, events and wellness programmes or initiatives for both professional and public institutions. I mentor practitioners and students. I develop and formulate products in the wellness sector, design menus and create beverage concepts and bespoke botanical products for brand collaborations, event branding, corporate gifts and promotions.


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Carolina helped me identify sleep apnoea and also helped me with some hormone and prostate issues. I feel so much better, and I can’t thank her enough.

James, Lawyer

I was looking for an English-speaking naturopath that I could work with virtually. I found Carolina through Instagram and I really liked her energy and approach! When I started with the clinic, I was very fatigued, had low energy, poor sleep and lots of discomfort in my gut (bloating, sluggish digestion, etc.) Lots of acne … more >

Lindsey, Entrepreneur

Before I came to see Carolina, my health was not great. I was experiencing constant inflammation, digestive issues, sinus and ear problems, brain fog and blurred vision problems… in just a month all my concerns have been addressed. I appreciated the extensive questionnaire which helped me explain my condition in-depth and Carolina’s ability to listen … more >

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About Me

I am a fully certified functional medicine practitioner (IFMCP) with the Institute for Functional Medicine and the only naturopath, endobiogenist, nutritionist and master herbalist with this qualification globally.

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What To Expect

During your initial 15 minute phone assessment we will assess which clinical route would be most appropriate for you and establish if we are a good fit.  You will then be sent our online forms to complete before your initial appointment. These encompass a full health history, neurotransmitter and brain health assessments, as well as other more specialised intake forms.

More Information On Your Consultation

Why It Works

You will receive a tailored programme designed for you and you alone. If you are on a package, you will be coached throughout this process to ensure successful implementation of changes.

Carolina uses her unique skillset in different modalities (nutrition, herbal medicine and naturopathy, endobiogenic and functional medicine) to ensure you see results.

Where I Work

We offer consultations in various London locations including:

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We are happy to answer any questions or chat about our therapies and consultancy services.

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