Remote Online Consultations

Anthrobotanica has always run a successful online clinic due to the international nature of our clients.

What Sorts of Appointments Can I Do Online?

We offer all our modalities virtually, including functional medicine, naturopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine within our consultations. We are able to do most of our neurological and physical exam remotely.

We can also offer self-directed ear acupuncture if appropriate, and we can programme frequency specific microcurrent devices with a specific combination of frequencies for you to operate at home should you wish to purchase your own machine.

We only work with children under 12 online.

What about functional testing, phlebotomy for blood tests, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and IV therapy?

We have relationships internationally with phlebotomy laboratories and many of our functional tests are kits that can be used at home and sent back via courier or post.

We also work with phlebotomists in the UK who can come to your premises to do a blood draw. If you are looking for IV services, we can put you in touch with our preferred clinics. If we are recommending hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we can refer to our network and direct you to somewhere near you for this.

Data Security

We take data security very seriously. We have also always used a medical-HIPAA and GDPR- compliant version of Zoom, something many of our colleagues are not doing so your data is at risk of being breached. Our encrypted and secure patient management system allows us to communicate with patients, book appointments and send out invoices.

How Does an Online Consultation Work?

Exactly the same as a physical one, except instead of coming to the clinic, you will be sent a link to click at the time of your appointment which will automatically connect you to your clinician. The link address does not change and is always accessible in confirmation emails sent out from our patient management system, and in emails sent out by clinic staff.

Herbal Dispensary and Supplement Store

Our herbal dispensary and supplement store is always open online, and we have always followed strict hygiene procedures when dispensing products. We requested an inspection to our premises and been given a 5* hygiene rating by our local business council.

If you are in the United States of America, we work with a few different dispensaries for herbs and we use supplement dispensaries and can drop ship supplements to you. We are able to post herbs and supplements internationally or refer you to companies that will do this on our behalf.