“I had suffered from digestive problems for over 20 years. This manifested itself in frequent and sudden bouts of diarrhoea. I was also suffering from repeated chest infections, general tiredness, join pain and mood swings.

Since working with Carolina I have progressively found that my digestive issues are going away. I no longer need to rush to the toilet after eating. I feel much less tired and am able to concentrate harder and for longer.

An added bonus has been hayfever symptoms that I’ve suffered with since childhood disappearing for the most part!

Carolina’s incredible knowledge of her subject and ability to quickly assess what the problem might be and suggest a way of resolving it, is fantastic. I’ve learnt so much about my specific issues and also wider healthy living tips. It has been a steep but rewarding learning curve that hopefully will stand me in good stead for the rest of my life.

After seeing doctors and specialists for many years it was just an incredible relief to speak to someone who understands the symptoms, knows what is causing them and can recommend treatments that are natural and work!”

– Nigel, Video Editor
July, 2018

“Hi Carolina,

I just wanted to let you know some news.  I managed to stand today! First time in over eight months I didn’t feel faint or dizzy.  I am already feeling so much better.  My swallow is much better, I am already able to eat a few solids.

I am doing really well on the the CBD, I am only having one seizure a night instead of multiple a day, and it is only lasting a few minutes.  I have a lot more energy than normal.

I’m trying to be a lot more positive plus things really are now! Some other good news – I’ve taken on a diploma in meditation, it’s teaching me a lot. It’s been along time since I studied but my energy is so much better than it was and my memory and focus is improving.  It is something I’m really interested in and I’m trying to focus on my mental health just as much so I can reduce all this stress . It’s going great so far! .

– Sarah, 
March, 2018

“My main concerns were improving my gut health and getting to a healthier diet overall. I wanted to eliminate the stomach pains and burning and have a more well balanced diet and lifestyle.

I chose Anthrobotanica because it was close to home, Carolina seemed very knowledgeable and kind, and I liked the site! In particular, I think the “What I Do” section on the site is great – it’s comprehensive while still sounding personable.  Her clinic offers a relaxed atmosphere which I appreciated – I dislike most doctor’s offices and all the bureaucracy that comes with them! Carolina was really knowledgeable and spot on about the health issues I was dealing with, and how I could best move forward. I enjoyed being able to message her whenever I had an issue and her response times were good too.

With Carolina’s tailored recommendations, I have pretty much eliminated my stomach pains and my gut health has definitely improved. I’ve been able to do an extensive detox and, best of all, I changed my diet to more of a pescatarian and plant-based diet (which I always wanted to do – I just didn’t have the right tools before). I am feeling more energetic and healthy than I was before.”

– Gabriella, Student
September, 2018

“I have to say I am feeling very well. I have been thinking about it quite a lot lately and iI am absolutely amazed how well i managed to survive this job, on location, with hardly any trouble concerning my digestion! It’s funny because when i was asked in the beginning if i could imagine doing a bit more work on set rather than working in the workshop with regular hours, my answer was that I would love to do more set work but that I didn’t think my body would make it very far under these conditions.

Carolina, i have gone much much further than i thought i would be able to go! I am not saying that i have stepped over my natural limits and forced my body to do more only to have a breakdown afterwards as I normally would do.  I didn’t have to step over limits as my body still works very well and yes I’m really tired and exhausted but i would have expected diarrhoea from the first two weeks of working crazy hours, but it never happened and after a day or two of recovery at the weekend i am actually in quite a good state every week and ready to rock the next week! It’s absolutely amazing!

I’ve also thought a lot about the thing you told me about histamine and bacteria in my gut…causing headaches, anxiety and the circumstances of needing to run to the toilet after breakfast immediately… could the reason for that really be so simple?!  It has gotten much better. I don’t feel that urge anymore really . But i have had a lot of moment within the last couple of days where i thought, this is new, usually I’d be really anxious about tomorrow or a certain meeting or anything and i am simply not anymore! It always was as if there was anxiety for no reason and i always asked myself where it came from… so that is so much better as well.

Two weeks ago i went to Hamburg for my cousin’s birthday…took all the supplements with me but forgot about my digestive enzymes. Everything was still fine. I even had some glasses of prosecco or a wine the other night and everything was still ok. So i guess everything is on a very good trajectory and it won’t suddenly change from today to tomorrow…

I really hope you are as well as you made me feel well! I am really thankful.”

– Lisa, Film Make Up Artist
February, 2018

LCON testimonial

– Testimonial from working at the London Clinic of Nutrition
November, 2017

LCON testimonial

– Testimonial from working at the London Clinic of Nutrition
July, 2017

– Testimonial from working at the London Clinic of Nutrition
June, 2017

“I’m doing really well, I feel so much better and much more relaxed, I am so relieved. I went to the doctor and my blood pressure is at its lowest level ever, my cholesterol is lower and the HDL cholesterol has improved! I’m not on the steroids or sulfasalazine for the ulcerative colitis any more!”

– Anuj, Investment Banker
June, 2017

“Hi Carolina, just letting you know the good news. I had a healthy baby boy on the 20th May. I had such a wonderful birth experience. Thank you for all your support. I don’t think this journey would’ve ever been so smooth without your help.”

– Sonal, Lab Technician
May, 2017

“Just wanted to give you an update on Thomas since it’s been a year now.

We had parents evening the other day and the teachers couldn’t praise him enough for his progress over the year. He is no longer behind in his school work and is actually advanced for his age in some areas. We have all seen an improvement at home and school in the way he handles his anxiety, his moods are much better and he has really matured.

So, thank you for all your help and advice ????”

– About Thomas, Schoolboy
April, 2017

“I got rid of my candida and was so happy with the help you provided. It literally transformed my lifeI I referred numerous people to you and they have all been happy also.”

– Mark, Sales
September, 2017

LCON testimonial

– Testimonial from working at the London Clinic of Nutrition
December, 2017

LCON testimonial

–– Testimonial from working at the London Clinic of Nutrition
August, 2017

“I just want to say you are my inspiration. I am currently tackling my nutrition course in South Africa. You have inspired me to become what I’m passionate about: health, nutrition and caring for people! Xx”

– Vanessa, Student
February, 2017

“…without hesitation the recommendation my own practitioners give me on nutrition is: ‘I could help you but this person is a cancer specialist’. The person who wins my attention is Carolina Brooks, a straight talking practitioner who is passionate and accessible, just my type of woman. (…) I wanted someone who was up to date.”

– Carla, holistic health centre owner.
January, 2017

“I thought I would just inform you that I saw the dialysis Doctor on Monday night. She was really impressed – my bloods are really good. My potassium and phosphate are normal (for a dialysis). The dialysis is working really well – they expect a clearance of 65% after each session but mine was at 78%!

Also I’m feeling fit and have started jogging before work which helps with fluid and my brain.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the help and advice you gave me. I feel so much happier with my diet and heath.”

– Paul, Designer
December, 2016

“I have some slightly miraculous news – I am pregnant! I am absolutely over the moon and cannot believe it.  A huge thank you as I really think your herbs and other advice had an impact.”

– Ros, Education
October, 2016

“I first came to see Carolina in July. My health issues started eight years ago with gut problems, terrible anxiety and I haven’t had energy for a long time.  Now I have much more energy than I have had in years! I’m so happy about this.  I have energy to do my gardening! I have energy in the evenings! I can do things after work!

I feel calm.  Like something has shifted in my mind.  I’m relaxed, happy and i feel alive!
It’s amazing how much I can learn from Carolina, about Ayurveda, for example.  And yes, Carolina can be tough but it’s because she knows what she is doing!  Thank you! I’m very glad I found you.”

– Zaneta, Childcare
August, 2016

“I wanted to let you know that just within a week of taking the herbs and implementing the changes you suggested I feel 100% – I could cry! I’m not exhausted all the time and my sugar levels have come down. I’m not checking all the time but I had a 5.4 in the morning which is unheard of so I’m really really happy about that.”

– Shaheeda, Consulting
September, 2016

“I came to see Carolina because I had some nasty side-effects from a long course of steroids. My hair was falling out, thinning and I felt awful. Three months on and my hair has started to grow. I have about 2 inches of new hair (perhaps more ). The supplements you recommended have worked a treat. I feel so energetic and actually I feel happy. Caffeine cravings have completely gone too. My appetite has come back and I feel like I’ve returned to my normal self (and then some). “

– Gemma, Teacher
April, 2016

“The herbs you have given me have been amazing! Diet has been going well and my symptoms decrease more and more each day.

Thank you again. It’s so wonderful to finally feel well again. “

– Krystal, Teacher
March, 2016

“I first came to see Carolina with anaemia, fybrocystic breasts and a desire to improve my immunity and minimise my cancer risk, following the death of my father.

Carolina advised several functional and GP tests to get a better view of my overall health.

One of the tests showed that I had an underactive autoimmune thyroid disease. My doctor’s response was that it was hereditary, there was nothing I could do about it and that I would need to take Thyroxine for life.

Carolina’s advice, in addition to supplements and herbs to support my thyroid and modulate my immune system, was to cut out gluten and other inflammatory foods.

For someone that could easily consume 6-8 slices of bread a day, cutting out gluten was a very difficult change for me to implement. However, I did it and six months later I am no longer autoimmune and my thyroid and iron levels are much healthier. My doctor couldn’t explain it and not one single thyroxine tablet had passed my lips.

Thank you Carolina!”

– Rebecca, Housewife and burgeoning nutrition student
October, 2015

“I had been feeling unwell for over three years with very low energy, bad digestive issues, terrible skin, sleeping problems and feeling low. I went from my GP to an acupuncturist, an osteopath and naturopath, getting treatments and drinking teas for months and months and months, but nothing seemed to help until I found out about Carolina, who assured me during our first short consultation that she’ll make me feel better.

She asked me to do several tests, which weren’t done before to get into the roots of me being so unwell and put me on a plan. I started feeling so much better already after a few weeks and turned back into my happy and active self. I had really forgotten how good it feels to be well! Thanks a lot, Carolina!”
– Marie, Consultant.
May, 2015

“I suffer from cystic fibrosis and was wanted to review what I was eating and prevent flare-ups.  Extremely happy with my consultations and spoke very highly of Carolina to my colleagues at work.”

– Akis, Manager
October 2015

“Last winter I had a reoccurring cold that just would not clear up. After seeing doctors and trying all the usual over the counter remedies, I decided to try another route and met with Carolina.

Carolina’s holistic approach from our very first meeting, taking in to consideration every area of my life enabled her to develop the programme I followed. It was difficult at times as with any change but with regular calls, meetings and email support, Carolina was on hand to listen and offer advice.

Now after a few months I am feeling more energised and positive about life than I have in a very long time!”
– Karen – Investment Management.
August, 2015

“Top nutritional advice and supplements plan provided by Anthrobotanica to help me with my cancer treatment. My tests are giving excellent results. 100% trustworthy professional”.
– Lola, Technology Sales.
April, 2015

“My father was suffering health problems in the spine, leg, hip and leg and was on a huge amount of painkillers. His normally happy demeanour disappeared and he became an emotional wreck, always crying, always said and saying he had lost the will to live and just stopped fighting. He couldn’t see a healthy future for himself. He started taking his Bach mix and after a few days I noticed a change in his behaviour. He stopped crying, his face was brighter and he started telling jokes again. He regained his will to live and fight and started really getting better.

Me and my mum were so surprised how well Bach worked for my dad. I think thanks to Bach I literally have my dad back.”
– Alicja.
December, 2014

“I was suffering from acid reflux and bloating but also wanted to improve my concentration. Carolina recommended some subtle and very specific changes to my diet that quickly rectified both issues. As a bonus I also lost some unneeded weight, and both my mood and concentration levels were greatly improved! I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.”

– Matt, Website Developer
April 2014

“I went to see Carolina after a sustained period of issues with my immune system  I’d never tried naturopathy or herbal medicine before and she was excellent and very patient.  She explained everything to me and followed up to ensure I was taking the treatment correctly.  After taking the recommended vitamins and herbal tinctures she suggested (and explaining clearly what they were and what they would do for me), I noticed a huge increase in my general wellbeing and my recurrent infections and colds went away.

From a first timer point of view, I have been blown away by naturopathy and have become one of those annoying converts that raves to their friends about the power of natural medicine.  I would definitely recommend Carolina”.

– Dave, Advertising Creative
January 2014

“I have suffered for over ten years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Seasonal Affective Disorder. It has affected so many parts of my life: work, going out and seeing friends, the amount of sleep I needed (eight hours as a bare minimum), etc. I always had to regulate everything that I did so that I could manage the condition otherwise I could be laid up in bed for days. Even doing a little too much in the way of exercise could render me bedridden for two days.

When I met Carolina, I explained my various symptoms and how they affected my life. She suggested some dietary changes and a couple of different supplements. After one week of implementing her advice, I noticed a huge difference in my health.

My energy levels increased significantly and it has been so much easier to get out of bed in the morning. I have gradually increased the amount of exercise I can do. I am really pleased that it has been natural supplements which have changed my whole wellbeing. I feel so well and it makes me very happy. I would most certainly recommend Carolina’s services to anyyone who has health problems, big or small.”

– Nicky, Finance Professional
December 2013

“Carolina has been incredible. I approached her for help as I had several issues and some phobias. She treated me for fear of flying insects and fear of flying, both of which have plagued me for many years.

The flower remedy she gave me was amazing. I cannot believe that I was able to sit on a plane during take off without feeling any fear at all. She is very patient and will give advice without being patronising or with any negative judgement (my diet is not particularly great) and with her help, I have been able to work out what is good for me and what is not.

I have definitely seen results after taking her advice. She is a true natural and i would recommend her to anyone needing nutritional help or advice.”

– Angela, HR Professional
October 2013

“Carolina has helped me tremendously with my digestive symptoms. They have almost completely disappeared within two months of following her protocol and overall I am feeling much much better!

She is very knowledgeable about current research and therapeutic approaches and I can trust that her treatment plan will be supported by the most up to date science on the subject.”

– Samira, Naturopath
August 2013