The Vitamorphic Method

What is the Vitamorphic Method® ?

After over ten years of practice and training I have developed a methodology that allows me to engage with my patients’ health concerns on a deeper, more focused level, and enables the customised planning of effective strategies for patient treatment protocols, particularly when taking an integrative approach to work alongside conventional medicine.

My blend of modalities is innovative and unique. I am a certified Naturopath (ND), Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP), Master Herbalist, Nutritional Therapist, and Fellow of Endobiogenic Medicine who is also qualified in Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatment, Ear Acupuncture, Heartmath, Nutrigenomics, Essence Therapy, and the Bredesen Protocol for Cognitive Decline. I’ve travelled internationally to further my training and knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Hellenic Medicine, Maya Abdominal and Womb Massage and Curanderismo.

The Vitamorphic Method®  is not a static method. It is constantly evolving, as developing my knowledge in order to help patients more effectively is my driving passion. Deepening and advancing my expertise in my current modalities and acquiring new approaches which I consider essential to understanding patient health ensures that I remain at the forefront of the latest advances in medicine. This ensures my patients continue to receive the best possible care and positive outcomes.

Why is it effective?

Thanks to the diversity of modalities the Vitamorphic Method®  encompasses, it enables me to:

  • Get to the root causes of your issue quickly
  • Ensure that testing where required is focused on gaining knowledge that will expedite the healing process and provide a more comprehensive health picture
  • Use natural and integrative modalities to safely address health concerns, avoiding unpleasant side effects
  • Overcome issues that have reached an impasse, been dismissed by conventional doctors or have been incorrectly addressed by previous practitioners
  • In many cases, bring about rapid improvements to mental and physiological health and quality of life
  • Provide extensive explanatory notes and personalised strategies that empower the patient to recover and maintain good health.
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration with my patients so they take ownership of their therapeutic process.

How is this different to regular Nutrition, Naturopathy Functional Medicine or Herbal Medicine?

The Vitamorphic Method®  is an integrative approach that brings together my years of training in multiple disciplines. What each of these disciplines has in common is that they approach the body holistically, and recognise that enormous improvements to health can be made through the use of herbs, and changes to diet. Significantly, this method looks more deeply at the causes of issues that conventional medicine often struggles to address, and formulates effective solutions that can help the patient overcome these issues.

Why ‘Vitamorphic’?

On many occasions, patients have confided in me that it was only after we started working together, often after years of them trying in vain to get to the bottom of their health issues with other health professionals, that they felt their issues were listened to, understood, and engaged with in such a way that that they could overcome them. On many of these occasions, they told me that my work had made a huge change to their lives, because issues that had bothered them for years and had felt unchangeable were now gone, or dramatically improved. Some of these patients have remarked that they never felt they could get better before, and now they see a way forward.

In Greek, vita means life, and morphic means transformation. The Vitamorphic Method®  is about enabling transformation in people’s lives, through innovation, openness to new approaches, through engagement with health, lifestyle, and diet, and through the sheer efficacy of targeted holistic treatment.

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