FAQ - Clinic & Therapies

Qualifications & Modalities

  • What does Carolina do and what are her qualifications?

    Carolina is a naturopath (ND) and certified functional medicine practitioner (IFMCP). She is a master herbalist, which is a school of herbal medicine which comes from the Eclectic, and native American tradition), she is trained in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    Carolina is also a nutritionist, and fellow of endobiogenic medicine, which like functional medicine is a systems-based approach to medicine, but which is deeply focused on the neuroendocrine system. Endobiogeny is only taught in France to medical professionals.

    Carolina has additional advanced qualifications in integrative cancer therapies, frequency specific microcurrent, ear acupuncture (with specialist training in the NADA protocol for addiction and Battlefield Acupuncture for pain), iridology, essence therapy, neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy, coaching, addiction and disordered eating counselling, as well as genetic counselling.

    She has studied with various organisations, including College of Naturopathic Medicine, Institute for Functional Medicine, American Academy of Anti-Ageing 4M, Kharrazian Institute, Systems Biology Research Group at Loyola University, the Personalised Medicine Lifestyle Institute, and many more organizations. Carolina regularly goes above and beyond her continuing professional education (CPD) requirements.

    Visit Carolina’s LinkedIn page is here. 

  • What is the Vitamorphic Method?

    The Vitamorphic Method® is about enabling transformation in people’s lives, through innovation, openness to new approaches, through engagement with health, lifestyle and diet, and through the sheer efficacy of targeted holistic treatment. It is Carolina’s integrative approach that brings together her years of training in numerous disciplines. Her method looks more deeply at the causes of issues that conventional medicine often struggles to address and formulates effective solutions that can help patients overcome these often chronic and complicated issues.

    The Vitamorphic Method® is not a static method. It is constantly evolving, as Carolina develops her knowledge in order to help her patients receive the best possible care and positive outcomes.

  • What is a certified functional medicine practitioner?

    The IFM (Institute Of Functional Medicine) offers certification to licensed medical professionals globally and additionally to nutritionists in the United Kingdom. This qualification is known as the IFMCP and is considered the gold standard in functional medicine training. There are only a handful in the UK and Carolina is the only certified functional medicine clinician in the world with her unique combination of qualifications.

  • Is Carolina a doctor?

    Although naturopaths are known as naturopathic doctors in some other countries, including some parts of the US, Carolina is not a doctor. As a naturopath she is not able to prescribe pharmaceutical medication. She is able to compound and dispense herbs, recommend supplements and assess possible interactions which might occur between medications and supplements and herbs, as well as advising on and correcting nutrient depletions caused by medications, which are commonly overlooked. She is also able to time supplements and herbal protocols around off-label medications for those who are undergoing Jane McLelland’s repurposed drugs protocol for cancer therapy.

    Carolina is also well versed in safely tapering people off psychiatric and immunosuppressant medications alongside nutraceuticals and herbal medicine.

  • How long does it typically take to see results?

    This can vary. Some patients may see improvements within days or weeks, and those with more chronic underlying health conditions might see a very slow trajectory. With chronic, complicated issues, the path is not linear.  As we work together, new layers will make themselves visible.

    The norm today is that we all live in a stressful and toxic environment, some of us are on long-term medications, travel frequently or struggle with dietary or social pressures. These will impact how quickly we see results. Patients who commit to following Carolina’s protocols in full will see results much more quickly than those who do not implement lifestyle changes, do not manage stress, do not follow dietary advice, or do not purchase supplements and herbs.

    We try and be mindful of budget and we try and limit the amount of testing we do at the start, but sometimes doing the recommended tests can really give us a much better understanding of what is going on and will allow us to make more focused recommendations for change that will expedite the healing process.

    Most of our patients are suffering from complicated or chronic health issues, and even the ones that are not will benefit from embarking on a process in order to achieve their best possible health outcomes and prevent long-term chronic illness.

  • Do you have any testimonials for my conditions?

    Have a look at our Testimonials page, and we also have some reviews on Google. Not all our patients are comfortable with leaving public testimonials because of the nature of their conditions, so feel free to email us to ask if we have worked with your conditions and what kind of results we have had. We have worked with numerous patients with complicated and chronic conditions, and quite rare conditions, and have had great results, so do ask.

Costs & Insurance

  • Why does it cost more than a nutritionist or a herbalist?

    Carolina has extensive training in a variety of different modalities and as such, her approach is completely different and far more in-depth, so she does not fall under the category of a nutritionist or herbalist. Carolina’s approach is extremely bespoke and she dedicates a great deal of time to her casework.  Patients on packages also receive structured implementation support for the duration of their package.

    Our initial intake process is far more comprehensive than what you might have experienced elsewhere. Patients receive a number of intake forms looking at specific areas, including cognitive function & neurotransmitter health questionnaires, and our extremely in-depth analysis allows us to do a full systemic study.

    After the initial session, Carolina writes up a bespoke strategy that includes a detailed explanation of what she thinks is going on and why this is happening, and the steps that need to be taken in order for health issues to resolve, including

    • tailored dietary adjustments
    • herbal and supplement recommendations
    • recommended testing
    • lifestyle adjustments
    • useful additional therapies which are either offered in clinic or which we refer out for

    Implementing Carolina’s bespoke recommendations will yield rapid & significant results.

    All new patients additionally receive an exclusive 100-page resource book which explains the foundations of good health, which covers information on the basics of nutrition, an understanding of macronutrients, types of fat and types of phytochemicals. Patents receive information on pesticide residues on foods, how to cook for optimal health, as well as information on chemicals, moulds, and strategies for reducing toxic load, including information on clean personal care and household products.

    Patients receive information on herbal medicine, particularly focused on culinary herbs, stress management, sleep and sleep hygiene, movement, and behavioural tools that will support the implementation of change.

    Our approach is intensive and for those who are willing to commit to change, and is not necessarily suited to those looking for simple dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

  • Does Anthrobotanica take direct payments from health insurance or can I claim my package back on my health insurance?

    Anthrobotanica does not take direct payments from insurance companies, however, many of our patients are able to claim back their packages or sessions, depending on the level of their cover, or what modalities are covered, particularly if we do acupuncture in the session.

The Consultation Process, Packages & Health Assessments

  • What is the difference between an initial package and a health assessment?

    The package is our preferred way of working and is also much more cost-effective due to the amount of time we spend on your case. The initial intake is two hours, so much longer than the standard health assessment, and much more in-depth. For complex cases, we offer a longer health assessment to ensure we have enough time to discuss your case with you and more time allocated before and after the appointment to work on your case. Package patients have more intake forms to complete, and the initial intake includes more detailed physical assessment. We will also provide more specific information tailored to you (e.g. recipes, going over your food diary and making adjustments and comments).

    Initial patient packages are designed for 3 months or longer (if you require a bespoke and more intensive package) and are structured to include implementation support.  For health assessments, we will include 2 weeks of email support from the date of your health assessment appointment, but we do not provide ongoing implementation support.

    Package patients also get additional therapies included depending on the type of package booked, or will receive preferential rates on additional therapies offered. Package patients also get priority on desired time slots for their appointments.

  • Who is the Health Assessment for?

    Those who have never seen an integrative clinician before, and are new to functional or naturopathic medicine.

    Those who would like to receive an expert opinion and approach from someone trained in multiple modalities, but are on a more limited budget and want to receive the advice but implement it themselves.

    Those who are already working with another practitioner, but would like a second opinion on testing or would like to explore a different, more integrative approach.

    Those who are already working with another practitioner, but would like to enhance their care by adding on some comprehensive herbal support, or using our other modalities.  e.g. for those with cancer who are working with a nutritionist who would benefit from Carolina’s herbal and naturopathic expertise to enhance cancer therapy.

    Those on a budget.

  • Who is a Package for?

    Those who are ready to commit to making positive changes for their health and would like to be accountable to someone.

    Those who want intensive support during the first stage of health optimisation.

    Those who would like to engage in a collaborative and therapeutic partnership with Carolina.

    Those who would like to benefit from regular communication, as well as ongoing and dedicated support.

    Having ongoing support means that the dietary, supplemental, herbal and lifestyle recommendations being made during the course of your programme are regularly tweaked and stay relevant.

  • What happens in an initial consultation and do I have to fill in anything before I come in?

    Before your initial consultation, which may take place at our clinic in Kentish Town, or via telemedicine, we will ask you to complete a range of different intake forms, encompassing a main health questionnaire, covering everything from full health history, neurological symptoms, a medical symptom questionnaire, brain region localisation form to assess neuro-inflammation, a neurotransmitter intake questionnaire, mould exposure questions, a questionnaire to assess epigenetic expression,  questions around relationships and stressors, stress management strategies currently being used, exercise habits, sleep quality and duration and sleep hygiene, toxic exposures, medications, supplements used, any reactions previously, any pain areas, and social toxins (smoking, alcohol, recreational drug use). If you have test results we will ask you to share these on our secure portal so we can incorporate this information into our findings.

    We also assess nutrition and look at macronutrient,  micronutrient, and phytonutrient breakdown. The questions are also designed to assess the your perceptions around your health, who your support network will be and motivation for change.

    We personalise our approach even further, if patients would like us to, based on personality questionnaires & learning styles. We spend a great deal of time on your case behind the scenes, both before your appointment, writing notes for you and researching areas that pertain to your case between your sessions.

    During an initial package consultation, we will go over your intake forms again, we may perform a physical exam & assessment (physical nutritional, endobiogenic, basic neurological, and energetics where appropriate). For health assessments, we do not have the time to do a comprehensive physical exam.

    Your initial, personalised, written strategy will be around 7-10 pages long, regardless of whether we have seen you for a package or health assessment, and in it, we will include the following:

    • An explanation of what we think is going on, the science behind it, and explaining the drivers for your particular health concerns
    • If you have provided any test results for your initial appointment, we will summarise our findings
    • Dietary adjustments, and recipes or recommended resources where relevant
    • Suggestions around lifestyle changes and specific areas to look at for reducing toxic load and recommendations for useful equipment or technology.
    • Recommendations for additional therapies, either at Anthrobotanica or to trusted colleagues where appropriate.
    • Recommended testing, in order of priority for budgetary considerations
    • Recommended supplements and any relevant herbal medicine prescriptions, which will either be from our dispensary, or in supplement form.
    • We will also refer to the Additional Resource we provide all our new patients.

    We will structure our support for implementation for those on packages, and for those doing the Health Assessment route, we will try and provide a framework for around 2-3 months if possible, for you to implement yourself.

  • Follow up appointments

    Follow up appointments may be done in person, but for shorter appointments (30 minutes or less), these are done by video via telemedicine, or phone. For results reviews, we book appointments of 45 minutes or longer depending on the number of tests you have done to ensure we have time to review your case, also go over the results with you as well as discussing next steps.

    Shorter appointments do not receive review notes. If we have arranged and interpreted tests with you, we will always write down a review of findings so you can refer back to the findings.

  • What if I do a health assessment and think I would rather do a Package?

    We plan our time extremely carefully and how many patients we take on for each package in a 3 month cycle. If we have capacity, we can either convert your health assessment, book you in for additional intake time within 2 weeks of your health assessment appointment and you will be invoiced for the balance due for the remainder of the package cost.

    If you decide you would rather do a more intensive package with us and feel you need more implementation support, please let us know within the first few weeks of your package so we can ensure we can structure your support correctly.

    Alternatively, we offer a rolling monthly support option which offers more comprehensive support.

  • What if I want to have a break after a month or two and pick up later on? Can I extend my package?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer extensions for packages if sessions remain unused. We will remind you to book in at specific times, but ultimately, you are responsible for using your sessions within the specified time frame so if we do not receive responses from you on getting your sessions booked in, they will expire.

  • What happens after my package is finished or when I want to book another appointment after a health assessment?

    We offer the rolling monthly support option which offers an allocated amount of appointment time and messaging built in each month for implementation support.

    We also offer a follow up bundle which offer a significant cost saving (time spent on case), consist of 3 x 45 minute appointments, or 2.25 hours of time split as required by you.

    Please note that although follow-up packages can be used over 6 months, your package will end when your final appointment is used if this date is sooner.

    If you choose to go ad-hoc and book appointments as you go, these are more expensive, and for appointments of 45 minutes or longer, will come with review notes, and 2 weeks of email support. We will ask you to book an hour-long session if we have not seen you for six month or more.

COVID-related questions

  • Are you seeing people in person?

    We are seeing patients in person, but we ask our patients to wear a mask in the clinic. We do ask patients to inform us if they are experiencing COVID symptoms so we can switch them to video in order to protect our more vulnerable patients coming in for sessions.

  • What precautions do you take in your clinic?

    Carolina wears a mask, and drives or cycles into clinic every day, testing regularly,  and taking shielding precautions in case of air travel.

    We have high-quality air filters running, have an extremely well-ventilated space, and vaporise antimicrobial essential oils.

    We ensure patients have filled out a screening questionnaire so we can assess if an appointment needs to be converted to video.

    Carolina has always worn protective equipment when dispensing herbal prescriptions in any case.


Location & Opening Times

  • I live abroad, can I still work with Carolina or do I have to come to London for my appointments?

    Most of our patients are international, and as such, we are adept at seeing patients via telemedicine and performing physical exam remotely. We use various providers for supplements and herbs and most can post internationally. Please note that we are not responsible for customs delays or charges if you order from outside the UK although we do use international suppliers for many products.

  • When is the clinic open? Can I get an appointment at a weekend or on an evening after work?

    Clinic days are Monday to Thursday, and Carolina’s general hours for appointments are 10am to 7pm, although Carolina does work in various time zones so we may exceptionally be able to accommodate appointments earlier and later. The clinic is not open for patient appointments on Fridays or at weekends.

    Elizabeth, our clinic manager works remotely from Monday to Friday and will respond to email, or make calls during this time.

Tests, supplements and herbs

  • Are herbs, supplements or tests included in the price of a package or appointment?

    We do not include herbs, supplements, or functional testing in our pricing for packages and appointments as the costs can vary so widely.

    Tests can cost up to £1000 (although generally it doesn’t go this high) and supplements can cost around £100-£400 a month, or more if you are cancer patient who does not want to go down the allopathic route.

    Package and appointment prices are for Carolina’s time spent in session and away from the session.

  • Can I just get the tests from my doctor?

    We do encourage patients to try and get blood tests tests done via their doctor if they have insurance or benefit from a funded national health service, however, we often find that very limited markers are tested . Most of the functional tests we offer are not available through conventional doctors and in most cases, are not claimable on insurance as most insurance policies do not cover functional medicine.

  • What happens after I order a test?

    Some tests are paid for via the clinic, and others are ordered by the clinic but are paid for directly when you send them back in. Return postage or courier costs are covered by the patient directly.

    If you are doing a blood test, you will arrange a phlebotomy draw locally and directly. The labs we use have a list of recommended providers we can suggest for you. Blood tests are usually done Monday to Wednesday or Thursday depending on the lab. You pay for the phlebotomy directly.

    For other tests which are done at home (for example, stool, oral and vaginal microbiome tests, dried urine hormone testing, saliva testing, organic acids urine testing, etc.), you will receive instructions on how to return these or a resturn postage envelope will be provided in the kit.

    Results for tests ordered with the clinic come to us and are sent to patients securely when they are received. We do not offer interpretation via messaging.

  • Can I still do tests if I am an international patient?

    Depending on where you are and what the test is, it’s usually possible to do tests as an international patient.  We can also provide you with a list of bloodwork to arrange locally.

  • Can I still order supplements and herbs if I am an international patient?

    Many of our providers will deliver internationally, but it depends on your own country custom regulations. We use practitioner-only supplements and will use specific providers in the UK, Europe and US for our patients. For patients in Asia, we have a provider that ships internationally.

    For herbal medicine, we can either post internationally (we do not take responsibility for customs issues), or we will use a dispensary service for our north American patients.

  • What if I just want to take herbs or supplements for a while and space out my appointments?

    As long as you book a herbal call every 3 months so we can adjust your herbal prescription accordingly, we can continue to dispense herbs for you. Once you are a patient, you can continue to order supplements but please note that if Carolina has indicated a duration for a supplement outside of being part of a core maintenance protocol, this should not be exceeded, and certain supplement should not be taken indefinitely. We recommend a review at least once a year to ensure you are on a good maintenance protocol.