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Business Coaching

  • For those setting up and sustaining a successful private practice & start-up entrepreneur support.
  • Our mentoring packages start from £600 per month and includes 4 hours of monthly support.
  • Includes case strategy and support mentoring package for clinicians.
  • If you are starting out as a clinician, want to increase your knowledge in a particular area, or shifting your private GP practice to incorporate functional medicine and offer a more integrative approach, this mentoring package offers the opportunity to review complex cases, test results and protocols with a highly qualified and experienced naturopath and functional medicine clinician, with expertise in nutrition, functional testing, herbal and lifestyle medicine. From £250 per month.
  • A combination of the above designed exclusively for you. POA.  (prices exclusive of VAT).

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Group Mentoring Sessions

This allows practitioners to group together and book a lower-cost session together to troubleshoot mentee case with support and moderation from the mentor. If you would like to arrange these sessions with your colleagues, please contact us as a group. £300 per hour (prices exclusive of VAT).

What you will learn – Clinicians

  • Learn how to manage complex chronic illness from a leading expert in the field.
  • Review appropriate treatment plans, including dietary adjustments, supplements and herbal protocols.
  • If you are unable to use herbs in practice, you will have the opportunity to refer herbal support to your mentor.
  • Review test results with your mentor, and receive support around how to interpret tests in general.
  • Ask your mentor to sit in on your cases remotely and offer valuable feedback on client processes.

What you will learn – Start Up Entrepreneurs

  • We can advise you on how to turn a good idea into a successful business
  • Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that see a large proportion of start-ups fail
  • We can support, encourage and advise you when things get complicated or you feel like you’ve hit an obstacle
  • We can provide industry-specific advice for your business, including guidance on regulation and legal considerations.
  • Develop stronger emotional intelligence to achieve success in business

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