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Package or Health Assessment?

The norm today is that we all live in a stressful and toxic environment, some of us are on long-term medications, travel frequently or struggle with dietary or social pressures.

Most of our patients are suffering from complicated or chronic health issues, and even the ones that are not will benefit from embarking on a process in order to achieve their best possible health outcomes and prevent long-term chronic illness.

We take on a limited number of patients per month on a package basis, which is why Carolina speaks to everyone who is considering working with us, so she can ensure we are a really good fit and that we discuss the best structure for each patient for a successful outcome.

We always speak to prospective patients for an initial 15-minute call, which will allow us to triage and assess your case effectively to understand if you require a general or complex case health assessment, our standard package offering or if we think we need to design something bespoke for you to suit your needs and budget.

We prefer to do the Health Assessment session for:

  • People who are perhaps practitioners themselves and just want some more insight and a fresh eye.
  • Those who are already working with another practitioner, but would like a second opinion on testing.
  • Those who are already working with another practitioner, but would like to enhance their care by adding on some comprehensive herbal support, or using our other modalities.  e.g. for those with cancer who are working with a nutritionist who would benefit from Carolina’s herbal and naturopathic expertise to enhance cancer therapy.
  • Patients who are confident about implementing Carolina’s advice without her support, and are capable at managing themselves well.
  • A Health Assessment session does not come with ongoing implementation support, although we will respond to clarification questions for 2 weeks after the session. We will give you the tools you need to make changes for an estimated 2-3 months.
  • If you do decide you want to go on a package after all, we can shift you to a package provided we have capacity and arrange time to complete our physical and neurological exams and go over anything that was not covered in your Health Assessment session.

The advantages of going on a package:

  • There is a significant cost saving due to the amount of time we spend on your case. If you don’t think our standard package offering is for you, we can design you something bespoke. This is a popular option with our concierge patients, but can also work if you need a bit more support than our Health Assessment offers.
  • It’s much easier to make changes if you are accountable to someone and communicating with your practitioner on a regular basis.
  • Patients really benefit from committing themselves to a programme as we develop our collaborative relationship.You receive ongoing and dedicated support.
  • With individually booked sessions, there is no regular support and messaging, nor quick telephone sessions.
  • Change can take time, and the path isn’t linear.  As we work together, new layers will make themselves visible.  Ensuring you have ongoing support means that the dietary, supplemental, herbal and lifestyle recommendations being made during the course of your programme are regularly tweaked and stay relevant.
  • Dedicated time allocated to your case behind the scenes to give you the best possible care and outcome.
  • We do advanced neurological and physical assessments in our longer sessions.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, frequency specific microcurrent and ear acupuncture sessions are included or offered at a preferential rate for those on packages.
  • Exceptionally, we may offer payment plans for some of our packages.

Follow Up Appointments

You can either purchase a follow-up bundle which provides a cost saving, you can buy sessions individually on an ad-hoc basis, or if you need more support after your initial package period is over, we offer a rolling monthly support package.

Existing Patients

We have a policy of not increasing prices for existing patients provided they book a review at least once a year. This is at the clinic’s discretion.


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75 min Health Assessment£480 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
2 Hour Health Assessment - Complex Case£820 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
Package£1,850 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
Bespoke Package£POAWhat's Included
Bredesen Cognitive Decline Package£5,160 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
60 min Herbal Medicine Consultation£250 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW


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Follow Up Bundle (3x45m)£715 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
Rolling Monthly Support Package£400 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
60 min Appointment£320 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
45 min Appointment£240 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
30 min Appointment£160 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
90 min HBOT and/or frequency specific microcurrent 10 x sessions£1,350 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
90 min HBOT and/or frequency specific microcurrent session£225 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
60 min HBOT and/or frequency specific microcurrent session£150 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
30 min Herbal Medicine Call - Acute or Repeat Prescription & Dispensing£150 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
15 min Herbal Medicine Call - Repeat Prescription & Dispensing£80 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
Ear Acupuncture NADA protocol x 6 sessions£660 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW
Ear Acupuncture - 30 min session£150 + VATWhat's Included BUY NOW