Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy involves applying nutrition science and using a wide range of clinical assessment and diagnostic tools, including comprehensive case history, physical examination and functional testing (if required) to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances, and then understand how these contribute to an individual’s health concerns and presenting symptoms.

Carolina uses a combined naturopathic and functional medicine approach. This includes personalised nutrition suggestions to improve diet, digestion and absorption of nutrients, while providing education about nutrition and support.  This may be in the form of guided shops and recipe ideas, or providing feedback on current meal plans. We use nutraceutical supplementation where required to achieve optimum health and wellbeing as quickly as possible.

Why Use Nutritional Therapy?

Some people want to learn more about healthy eating, others want to know how to manage an autoimmune condition and might want to understand what foods might cross-react with a pathogen or tissue. Others want to find out how to eat if they have cancer, or use lifestyle medicine to prevent chronic diseases that they may be genetically susceptible to. Most people have access to a wealth of information but aren’t sure how to pull it together in a way that is relevant to them. There are many conflicting approaches on the internet and it’s sometimes complicated to find out what is going to work for them. The solution? Consult an expert nutritionist. A tailored approach is required as every person is unique and has their own requirements, challenges and lifestyle commitments.

Typically, priorities include support to achieve optimum energy levels, optimise digestion and assimilation, facilitate blood sugar balance, improve stress resilience, increase oral and environmental tolerance, and optimise emotional wellbeing and neurotransmitter production by establishing good, underlying nutrition.

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