60m Health Assessment

£330.00 Price incl. VAT: £396.00


  • For new patients who do not require ongoing support or who want to begin a process without the commitment of a package (Health assessment, second opinion, etc.)
  • Incorporates Functional Medicine & Testing, Nutritional Therapy, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Endobiogeny & Coaching (including NLP & Hypnotherapy where necessary), Frequency Specific Microcurrent.
  • For iridology consultations, or for test analysis if tests were performed by a different practitioner who is unable to analyse.
  • All test result analysis happens during the appointment.
  • Includes a full personalised health plan but a report of findings and appropriate recommendations.
  • Does not include herbal medicine or supplement products.  These are charged separately.
  • Includes 2 hours of time = you save £150 + VAT.
  • No post-consultation support included.
  • When this appointment is cancelled within 24h (working day), a charge of £330+ VAT will be incurred per T&Cs.
  • When this appointment is cancelled 2-3 working days before appointment, a charge of £60 + VAT will be incurred. 
  • Saving = over £230 + VAT