Apex OmegaCo3-SE

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OmegaCo3-SE™  is intended to support the brain and the immune system with a unique formula that includes 975 mg of IFOS and GOED certified omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (DHA 375 mg, EPA 500 mg, GLA 100 mg) per serving, as well as essential cofactors, including 115 mg of targeted vitamins, minerals, and the amino acid taurine, to provide additional support for cardiovascular health.* It is an excellent source of vitamin E, zinc, and molybdenum, and includes high-potency vitamin B6.

Please note, this is a practitioner-only product for Anthrobotanica patients and for patients of practitioners we know who have referred you over.  If you have not been referred by your practitioner, please contact us before making a purchase.