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Ten years ago, it cost over £1000 to have your genome sequenced. I know this because my mother paid for my siblings’ genetic testing. (She didn’t deliberately preclude me, I was living abroad at the time!) Ironically I have the worst genes out of all three of us so I wish I had known about my gene variations sooner as I probably wouldn’t have ended up with the health problems that led me to train in functional, nutrition & herbal medicine and become a naturopath in the first place.

Since then, the price for genetic testing has dropped dramatically. 23andme offer tests for £125 in the UK, and this provides you with a few health reports and some ancestry data, which is very interesting. However, there is the potential there for a huge amount of information which could change your life and a lot of people do not know how to make sense of. It could also mean that incorrect interpretation could cause people to take supplements or seek out treatment that isn’t actually necessary.

What I do for my clients is take that raw data, break it down so it is easy to understand and provide relevant and detailed advice on nutrition, useful botanicals, lifestyle and environmental advice in a comprehensive report. This empowers my clients to understand the hand they have been dealt and allow them to take control of whether some of those genes get switched on or off and make positive and proactive lifestyle changes in the face of potential risk of inherited disease.


I am also on IDDNA’s advisory board and am excited to announce that I am now offering this test.

IDDNA is a digital health tool created by Suisse Life Science, a Swiss digital lifestyle and age management scientific data analytics company with a focus on revolutionising personalised lifestyle medicine by taking genetics, scientific research, live data and machine learning algorithms to provide a digital health tool in the form of a lifestyle app for apple and android phones. The first step is a genetic test which analyses over 2500 SNPS.

The personalised skincare programme has already been launched, with a variety of programmes available, such as wellbeing, longevity and disease prevention, healthy nutrition and hormone rebalance, with others launching in the new year.

This approach allows a totally customisable treatment which takes users’ genetic potential and syncs with real-time health and environmental data, alongside wellness goals tailored to the individual, including appropriate types of exercise, and offers an ever-changing analysis of nutritional needs. The user then checks in with Carolina to define their prescribed supplements and botanicals and perform any relevant functional testing as required.

The fundamental value of this approach is the use of genetic data to match the treatment to the client’s specific health concerns.

What IDDNA Offers You
  • A personalised wellness plan based on your genetics and real time data delivered to your mobile phone via an app to manage nutrition, exercise and lifestyle in real time.
  • Learn how pollution and the environment, stress, sleep and food and vitamins affect how you look and feel.
  • Input your food or simply take a photo of your food to allow the IDDNA healthy meal creator to calibrate your food in accordance with your plan and shopping list to work towards your health goals.
Other Tests I Work With:

I also use LiveWello.

You can either send me your existing results for analysis or you can order the test through me to interpret.

I am also a certified Opus 23 Expert. If you would like to know more how this can be beneficial to you please get in touch with me by filling in the contact form here.

Please see Rates & FAQs page for interpretation report costs.

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