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Functional Testing & Functional Medicine

Functional Testing

We use a broad range of different testing methodologies in the clinic. We use conventional medical laboratory bloodwork, but as a functional and endobiogenic medicine practitioner, Carolina is able to interpret these labs in a much deeper and focused way to achieve positive patient outcomes.

Aside from standard labs, we use blood, saliva and urine testing to look at hormone and neurotransmitter function, mitochondrial activity, microbial analysis, genetics and epigenetics, nutritional profiles, autoimmune panels and much more.

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About Functional Medicine

Most doctors view the body as a collection of independent organs. The functional medicine model uses a systems biology-based approach to health that views the body as an interconnected system. Functional medicine focuses on identifying the root causes of disease and addressing these contributing factors rather than just treating the symptoms, which is the approach taken by conventional medicine.

Functional medicine provides a science-based personalised approach that takes into account an individual’s family, social, personal and medical history alongside genetics, environment and lifestyle information. Carolina’s expertise in nutrition, herbal medicine, nutrigenomics, functional testing and other modalities are applied alongside this comprehensive analysis makes for a unique approach which is applied to her clinical, corporate and consulting work and as effective in her approach as a functional medicine doctor in developing targeted treatment plans.

Carolina is a certified functional medicine practitioner (IFMCP) through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and the only IFMCP with her unique skillset and combination of qualifications in the world.


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Testing Laboratories

Some of the tests and laboratories we use include :