Ear Acupuncture – 30m session

£150 incl. VAT: £180

Ear acupuncture is a cost effective, fast-acting treatment which works extremely well as an adjunct to naturopathic treatment to support lifestyle changes. Individual sessions can be useful for symptom relief, or when appointments are not needed as regularly once a course is completed.

These sessions can be booked either in-person or online.


  • Individual session which can be added to an existing appointment. These sessions can be either in-person or online.
  • During in-person sessions, we use gold acupuncture semi-permanent needles which stay in for around a week.
  • For online sessions, we send you gold magnets and direct you where to place the magnets. These magnets can also last around a week or longer, or if you prefer to take them off, we will provide you with a self-directed massage protocol to complete between sessions.
  • When any appointment is cancelled 2-3 working days before appointment, a charge of £80 + VAT will be incurred. When the appointment is cancelled within 24h (working day), the payment is charged in full or deducted from package as per T&Cs.

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