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A range of tests and add-ons suitable for every patient and every budget, to provide a comprehensive functional analysis.

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Functional Blood Analysis vs Standard Markers

If you go to the GP to get a set of bloods, usually the markers will be very limited and you will be told if they are normal or not. This is a pointless exercise.

The interpretation of bloodwork is an art and a science. It’s impossible to get a true picture of underlying health concerns if you are merely looking at a set of individual parameters. Lab results need to be interpreted in relation to each other, and this allows us to assess nutritional deficiencies, metabolic disturbances, subclinical issues and look at patterns which may predict the pathogenesis of disease.

The goal of doing a functional blood analysis is to get a good overall picture of the patient’s health status and actionable information on which to shape a strategy to achieve optimal health going forward.

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