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Carolina is a key collaborative member of the Your Green Room (YGR) team and offers support remotely. Based in both London and Los Angeles, YGR is the brainchild of Clare Scivier to support artistic and executive health. Clare has designed the Polymorphic Organisational Partitioning technique ™, only available through YGR.

Clare, who has her own music industry experience has built a team of expert advisors, including Carolina around her own bespoke coaching techniques, who together enhance artist and corporate potential, productivity & performance. We recognise that talented individuals, just like athletes, reach their full potential when they are supported by a focused, professional team. We have the reputation within the industry and the expertise to help you build healthy and sustainable talent by developing resilience, and optimising capabilities and outcomes in a challenging industry.

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Carolina’s focus when collaborating with Clare, is to offer bespoke naturopathic, nutritional and phytotherapeutic support. The aim is to allow talented individuals, touring artists and their teams to optimise their mental health and achieve peak performance in an industry where poor sleep, addiction, mental health issues, creativity blocks, regular travel and a high-stress lifestyle are prevalent.

In collaboration with YGR, Carolina also offers corporate wellness programmes to ensure industry staff are functioning at their very best, at peak health and productivity. If you are looking for healthy dietary plans and herbal supplements specifically for touring life or more generally please contact us.

Our approach also focuses on preparation for high performance, and we have collectively raised public our concerns for mental health awareness in the entertainment industry.

Our collaboration with Your Green Room offers:

  • Bespoke coaching and health services for creatives, performers and corporates
  • Corporate wellness programmes
  • Team training for managers, tour managers, A&R representatives
  • Touring services
  • Writing camps
  • Retreats
  • Your Green Room Tour Boxes & Riders

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