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Health Coaching Courses

The Integrative Health Coach Practitioner (diploma level)

[BANNER TO BE DONE <Winner – International Training Provider of the Year 2019> ]

If you are looking to transform your own passion for health and wellness into a career, and start earning a living doing what you love, and doing it extremely well, this is the course for you.

Carolina created and tutors on this course run with the Life Practice, the UK’s leading provider of online distance learning professional courses for integrative practitioners.

Our internationally accredited integrative health coach practitioner encompasses training in health & nutrition, naturopathy, functional medicine, life coach and NLP plus the CAM COACH business builder.

This is the only course of its kind in the world which offers a truly integrative approach to health coach training. It combines naturopathy, coaching skills, health and nutrition, basic herbal medicine, NLP and will teach you how to set up in practice. Click here for more information.

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Courses Coming Soon

  • Functional, Nutritional & Endobiogenic Blood Chemistry Analysis – coming soon and a sign up for updates link (Practitioner level)
  • Basic Herbal Medicine for Integrative Practitioners (practitioner level) Coning soon – sign up for updates – should I set up a landing page?
  • Support your Immune System Naturally (open to all)
  • Natural Therapies for Depression & Anxiety
  • Managing Stress with food, adaptogenic herbs and lifestyle strategies
  • Reducing your toxic load in food, products, the environment and more open to all