Corporate Wellness

The lifestyle choices of your employees have an impact on their physical and mental health, life expectancy and their productivity at work.

In the UK alone, government statistics indicate:

  • The estimated cost of injuries and ill health from working conditions is £14.3 billion.
  • An estimated 137.3 million days were lost due to sickness absence or injury in 2016 (equivalent to 4.3 days per worker).
  • Mental illness costs the economy £70-100 billion per year and 15.8 million days in 2016.
  • By taking a personalised functional medicine approach to work productivity, you can take an innovative approach to health screening to act preventatively and encourage positive behavioural change by engaging your work force to participate in the creation of their own health and wellbeing strategy.

We use Chronomics to provide epigenetic data, Genomic Insight and Genomind for genetic data, and relevant functional testing and questionnaires. Users receive personalised recommendations they can then implement that will have a dramatic impact on health and wellness outcomes, alongside regular check ins with Carolina and her team, who will provide guidance and appropriate recommendations with regular scheduled coaching sessions (usually via video or telephone) with each participating employee.

We are able to link genetics with real time data and current scientific research.   The employee will get a measure of how well they are against how well they should be.

As an employer, you will start to see fitter and happier employees, less absenteeism, improved stress management, better nutrition awareness and increased productivity. It’s a cost-effective tool with which you can also create exciting incentives and rewards for employees engaging with their programmes with fitness trackers by encouraging them to follow their programmes.

Corporate Wellness (diagram showing biomarkers)

You can promote wellness and long-term health changes by giving your employees the knowledge and tools to empower them to take responsibility for their health.  This leads to a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.

Chronomics Epigenetic Testing

Chronomics provide both epigenetic testing and whole genome sequencing in a non-invasive saliva sample to accurately measure biological vs chronological age, measuring risk factors related to exposure to internal signalling (hormones, neurotransmitter activity) and environmental external factors (toxic exposures, pollution, chemicals, etc.) and lifestyle scenarios such as diet, stress and smoking. These measures help to provide insight to allow monitoring of risk factors and implementation of strategic and actionable lifestyle changes to enhance health and prevent chronic disease.

We can also design a study for you to promote health and wellness initiatives using Chronomics Epigenetic Testing

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